Since 1978 Power Source Systems has provided confidential Search and Recruitment of Mining and Mineral Processing and Heavy Manufacturing Professionals.   The average tenure of our Staff as Professional Recruiter is 15 years. Confidentiality is our primary commodity.



For over 30 years the Power Source Systems Staff has discretely presented Career Opportunities not publicly known to the Global Mining Community. One aspect which has never changed is that the best, choicest Career Opportunities are not published. Openings become available for a myriad of reasons. In part, retirement, inner company transfers, poor performance, family needs requiring the incumbent to leave AND when Companies succession plans  not holding the talent needed to  fill the vacated spot.  Serving as Career Brokers , Power Source Systems keeps you, The Candidate, abreast and informed of just what is available for someone of your particular expertise on the open market.  Over the years, those Engineers placed through our offices are now at the helm and acknowledge and respect how we handled their careers.



Our Client base also recognizes our confidential representation of their products, their technologies, and their staff.  Here again, sensitive information which should not be broadcast is now shared with hundreds at the click of a mouse. Clients rely on our Team to secure the confidence of potential Candidates before revealing their products, locations, Team members and specifically why positions are available. Once it is agreed our private information will not be made public, we engage the Candidate and their family members in order to assure all approve what may be the next transition for all involved.

We have long-term, mutually rewarding and allegiance. Clients who have relied on our ethical recruitment practices since 1978.  Our goal is yours, to arrive at a win-win-win relationship between the Candidate, the Company and our Team.